Ryan Hurd Drops the Music Video for His Single “Pass It On”

Ryan Hurd Drops the Music Video for His Single “Pass It On”

Ryan Hurd‘s current single at country radio, “Pass It On,” is from his album, Pelago.

Ryan shares the story behind the song, “I wrote ‘Pass It On’ with Jordan Schmidt and my wife Maren Morris and Hardy. Originally it was a an idea we were kind of angling toward Maren’s third album. And as the song kind of got moving, we kind of found Michael (Hardy) to be singing more of it. And so it sort of felt more like it was more of a song for a guy to sing. And so somehow it fell, out of the three artists in the room, it fell to me. And I’m really thankful that it did because I love just the recording of the way that it feels and it’s I love how unabashedly positive it is and I think that’s a great way to kick off an album. Also, I love like hearing Hardy and Maren sing the background vocals on it like that, to me is really cool. And obviously neither one of them are featured and they don’t need to be. They they kind of speak for themselves but it’s just really fun to have like your friends and obviously Maren sings on a lot of the album but it’s fun to have them be a part of it.”

The music video for “Pass It On” from Ryan Hurd features Maren Morris and some awesome roller skating skills.

Check it out here…

Photo Credit: Nicki Fletcher


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