Chris Young’s Famous Friends (Deluxe Edition) – With 6 Additional Tracks – is Available Now

Chris Young’s Famous Friends (Deluxe Edition) – With 6 Additional Tracks – is Available Now

Chris Young‘s album Famous Friends (Deluxe Edition) is available now!

The original version of the album included 14 tracks – including the title track with Kane Brown.

Now Chris’ album is even friendlier with 6 additional songs.

Famous Friends (Deluxe Edition) new tracks include acoustic versions of “I’m Comin’ Over” and “Think Of You” with Cassadee Pope, along with new studio songs “If I Knew What Was Good For Me,” “Like A Slow Song,” “Music Note” which includes Jimmie Allen, and “Everybody Needs A Song” with Old Dominion.

Famous Friends (Deluxe Edition) track list;

  1. “Raised on Country”
  2. “Famous Friends” (with Kane Brown)
  3. “Town Ain’t Big Enough” (with Lauren Alaina)
  4. “Drowning”
  5. “Rescue Me”
  6. “Break Like You Do”
  7. “At the End of a Bar” (with Mitchell Tenpenny)
  8. “Love Looks Good on You”
  9. “One of Them Nights”
  10. “When You’re Drinking”
  11. “Cross Every Line”
  12. “Hold My Beer Watch This”
  13. “Best Seat in the House”
  14. “Tonight We’re Dancing”
  15. “Everybody Needs a Song” (with Old Dominion) – NEW
  16. “If I Knew What Was Good for Me” – NEW
  17. “Music Note” (with Jimmie Allen) – NEW
  18. “Like a Slow Song” – NEW
  19. “Think of You” (with Cassadee Pope) (Acoustic Version) – NEW
  20. “I’m Comin’ Over” (Acoustic Version) – NEW

When it comes to the new collaborations on the Deluxe Edition of Famous Friends, Chris shares that he co-wrote “Everyone Needs a Song” with Brad Tursi of Old Dominion – who just brought the other guys along to record the track.

But with “Music Note” Chris says “Jimmie Allen had been yelling at me, because we hadn’t done a song together, and I’m like ‘Dude, you didn’t ask, so I didn’t know you wanted to do one.’ And so, I just sent him ‘Music Note’ when we wrote that song. I was like, ‘Hey, this could be cool for the two of us.’ And, he was down for it.”

Famous Friends (Deluxe Edition) – which is available now – includes Chris Young’s current single at country radio with Mitchell Tenpenny, “At The End Of A Bar.”

Photo Credit: Jeff Johnson


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