Caroline Jones Performs “Chasin’ Me” on The Bachelorette

Caroline Jones Performs “Chasin’ Me” on The Bachelorette

Did you catch Caroline Jones on this week’s episode of The Bachelorette?

Check out her performance of “Chasin’ Me” which happened during Michelle‘s date with Jamie

Caroline just spent the summer on the road with the Zac Brown Band performing to thousands of fans live in concert…so, she shares the mindset of going into this very different kind of performance setting, “You’re just thrown into a completely different world…of production, and you’re really not the focus, you know, the show is the focus. There are many moving parts, simultaneously, and all of them are important. So, you end up having to focus even more on giving a good performance. Just focus on your song and what you can control…but definitely as soon as Michelle and Jamie came in, it’s obviously about them and their date, and that’s why I’m there…I’m there to support and entertain and enrich their moment…and I really enjoyed that. I’m kind of a hopeless romantic.”

For those that watch the show, they know as Caroline was trying to set a romantic mood, Jamie did a fine job of stirring up drama that Michelle addressed with the rest of the guys…

While “Chasin’ Me” might be the song they want to set a mood with…let’s be honest, it’s Caroline Jones’ current single at country radio that is much more appropriate for the reality show…

“Come In (But Don’t Make Yourself Comfortable)” is one of the 13 tracks featured on Caroline’s album, Antipodes, arriving November 12th — which also includes the song “Chasin’ Me.”

At the beginning of quarantine Caroline had the option to travel to and stay in New Zealand, so she took it. That’s where the song and video were created.

While it’s a beautiful country, and she loved her time there, Caroline did admit “It was a challenge to find a country and western bar in New Zealand, but we did it! Working with an all-New Zealander cast was especially refreshing as they were all very joyful, pure, and genuine people. I believe that energy comes across in the dancing and throughout the video too.”

Check out the music video for “Come In (But Don’t Make Yourself Comfortable)”…no rose required.

Photo Credit: Laura Tait


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