Carly Pearce is “Not OK” After Getting a Message From Loretta Lynn

Carly Pearce is “Not OK” After Getting a Message From Loretta Lynn

During her last appearance on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry Carly Pearce debut a song called “Dear Miss Loretta” — of course, that’s Loretta Lynn.

Carly says, “It’s no question that Loretta Lynn is a major inspiration of mine.” 

That night at the Opry Carly shared, “My grandma introduced to me to her music when I was a little girl, and made sure I understood that if I was going to sing country music being from Kentucky – I had to know the importance of Miss Loretta Lynn. I’ve always loved her, but it wasn’t until the last year that I really FELT what she’s sang about all these years – and just how much we really do have in common. I wrote this song recently with Shane McAnally & Brandy Clark as a letter to her, saying all the things I wish I could say to her & sang it for the first time last night on my favorite stage. Thank you Loretta, for making me feel like it’s okay to write my truth and be unashamed.. just like you.”

Word of the performance got back to Loretta who reach out to Carly with her own message, “Wow! Carly Pearce this song means the world to me and you sang it on my favorite stage in the world – Opry . I loved it and I love you! Maybe one of these days we can sing one together!”

After getting that, Carly’s only response was “IM NOT OK”

Check out Carly’s performance of “Dear Miss Loretta” from the Grand Ole Opry right here…

Photo Credit: Allister Ann


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