Kane Brown Is Tired of This Break From the Road

Kane Brown Is Tired of This Break From the Road

Since his career took off like a shot a couple of years ago, Kane Brown has kind of wished he would have an opportunity to take a break.

Well, 2020 gave him a break, and now he realizes that you have to be careful what you wish for, because this break has lasted far longer than he ever wanted, “I’d say in 2020 I’ve learned that anything can happen out of nowhere. Like, we were on tour for 2 weeks and then Covid hit and we haven’t toured in over a year. So, I’ll never say that I’m ready to take a break ever again.”

Kane is not only ready to get himself back out on the road touring, but he’s going to bring some very special guests with him too…his wife and daughter, “Most looking forward to in 2021, hopefully getting to tour, take my family out and to get Kingsley out on the road. She’s been a quarantine baby. So, I want her to get out and to see the world a little bit, meet to new people, yeah, just be out of the house.”

But for right now, Kane is realizing how big a part of his life touring has become, and how important it is to him to get out there and be with his fans, “I’ve missed it, I can’t wait to get back out there.”

Since they are in the video for the song, when he does get back to performing, will Kane bring his family out on stage for this song since they are in the music video? Here’s “Worship You”…

Photo Credit: Matthew Berinato


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