Kane Brown Goes with a Fake Christmas Tree for Safety

Kane Brown Goes with a Fake Christmas Tree for Safety

Are you are all set for Christmas?

It’s just a couple of days away now.

Do you have a tree set up? Did you go with a real or fake one?

Kane Brown explains that he goes with a fake tree for a couple of reasons, “You know, I’ve watched a lot of movies where they get a real Christmas tree and it lets like squirrels and birds and stuff into you house.”  Sounds like he’s watched Christmas Vacation a lot…

While you might laugh at that, Kane is also looking out for others with his fake tree, “Then it’s like, depending on who comes in your house with a real Christmas tree you know they could there allergies could mess up, it could mess with your allergies.”

But in the end Kane comes clean, and admits why the fake tree takes the lead over a real one, “A fake Christmas tree just pops out of the box and it’s just easy and simple. And I already, have hard times decorating Christmas trees as it is. So I like the ones that come out with the lights on ’em already.”

Well, we actually can’t argue with that.

Kane will be celebrating the holidays with his wife and daughter, and while he hasn’t recorded a Christmas song yet, we thought his “Worship You” track works real well this time of year…and it also features his wife and daughter in the video.

Photo Credit: Matthew Berinato


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