Acadiana Animal Aid’s 12 Strays of Christmas Presented by Dogtopia of South Lafayette

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Are you looking to add a new four-legged friend to your family this holiday season??

Every weekday, Danita in the Morning will highlight one of the animals from Acadiana Animal Aid who are up for adoption. She’ll give you insights into each animal – their behaviors, their temperament – and give you more details on how you can apply and adopt!


  • Name: Ulysses Poe
  • Age: 1 year and 8 months
  • Temperament: Great with kids and other pups

Ulysses Poe is the embodiment of a gentle giant. His heart is as massive as his affection, and he’s ready to share that love with a forever family. Ulysses is not just a dog; he’s a goofy, lovable companion who will fill your home with laughter and warmth.

One look at Ulysses, and you can’t help but giggle at his long, awkward legs and his charmingly goofy antics. He’s the kind of pup who will have you in stitches with his playful and silly behavior. But don’t be fooled by his goofiness – Ulysses is one smart cookie, quick to learn and eager to please.

His favorite place is right by your side, and he’ll find a way to touch you with some part of his body at all times, reminding you of the deep bond you share.

If you’re seeking a loving, comical, and intelligent companion, Ulysses Poe is the one. Come meet him, and let his infectious spirit and boundless affection steal your heart. Ulysses is ready to be your loyal and endearing friend, bringing joy to your life every day.


  • Name: Marionette
  • Age: 2 years and 6 months
  • Temperament: Great with kids and other dogs

Meet Marionette, our resident cuddle bug!

She thrives on the warmth of human companionship and is ready to devote herself to those who prove trustworthy. Marionette’s cuddle sessions are nothing short of therapeutic, and she’ll undoubtedly become your go-to companion for cozy evenings on the couch.

Marionette is not just a cuddle enthusiast; she’s also a big player. Her heart leaps with joy at the sight of toys and the company of other dogs. Playtime is where she truly shines, displaying a silly and lively side once she’s comfortable in her surroundings. Her transformation from a shy pup to a spirited companion is truly heartwarming and a testament to her resilience. Marionette also does well with children, making her an excellent addition to families looking for a furry friend for all ages. With a little patience and a lot of love, Marionette’s amazing personality quickly blossoms, revealing a loyal and affectionate companion ready to fill your life with joy and warmth. If you’re seeking a cuddle-loving, playful, and devoted friend, Marionette is the perfect choice. Come meet her and let her become your ultimate cuddle companion, bringing love and laughter into your life every day.


  • Name: Delani
  • Age: 2 years and 6 months
  • Temperament: Needs to be the only pup in the household, please! 🙂

Delani spent two years in her previous home before being surrendered to us.

Her initial week in our care was a challenging one, marked by her withdrawal and apprehension towards the unfamiliar scents and new faces surrounding her. However, in the time since, she has demonstrated that with patience, her capacity for love knows no bounds.

Delani has a deep affection for those who have invested time in extending empathy and understanding during her transition. She’s displayed remarkable obedience, intelligence, and an abundance of affection, making her an exceptionally cuddly and endearing companion.

We know she’d make the perfect companion for someone patient and loving!


  • Name: Sir Boopington
  • Age: 2 years
  • Temperament: This guy will get along with everyone!

Sir Boopington is the epitome of sweetness and affection.

His favorite pastime? Cuddling up with you and spreading joy with every tail wag.

A true cuddle bug, he thrives on human connection and is sure to make your home a haven of love and warmth.

This delightful doggo is not just a people person; he’s a true socialite among his furry friends. Whether it’s children, other dogs, or even cats, Sir Boopington knows how to win hearts and forge lasting friendships.

His sweet nature makes him the perfect addition to any family, creating a harmonious environment where everyone, furry or not, feels right at home.

If you’re looking for a four-legged companion who excels in spreading happiness, Sir Boopington is your guy. Adopt him into your life, and get ready for a daily dose of love, cuddles, and an unwavering bond that will last a lifetime. Sir Boopington is not just a dog; he’s a cherished member waiting to bring joy and warmth to your home.


  • Name: Stanza
  • Age: 4 years old
  • Temperament: Loves people, kids and all stuffed animals!

Meet Stanza, the manza!

This story begins with a traumatic incident – a harrowing dog attack that tested both his physical and emotional limits.

Despite facing such a terrifying experience, Stanza refused to let fear define him. His unwavering determination and the support of our loving staff played a crucial role in his remarkable recovery.

Stanza’s story is a reminder that even in the face of adversity, the human-canine bond can be a source of strength and healing. His tale serves as an inspiration to all who have the privilege of knowing him, demonstrating that with love, patience, and a resilient spirit, one can overcome even the darkest moments and emerge stronger on the other side.


  • Name: Santosh
  • Age: 9 months
  • Temperament: Great with other dogs

Introducing Santosh, the pint-sized charmer with floppy ears and a wagging tail that can brighten anyone’s day!

He is the epitome of joy and enthusiasm. Santosh’s endearing personality has earned him the title of “the life of the party” in every gathering.

Santosh is a source of endless joy and companionship. His infectious enthusiasm and charming personality make him a treasured member of any social circle. With his loving nature and affable spirit, Santosh proves that the best things come in small, furry packages


  • Name: Hocus Pocus
  • Age: 2 years and 6 months
  • Temperament: Great with kids and other dogs

Meet Hocus Pocus!

She is a master at forming deep connections. Their loyalty knows no bounds, and they thrive on being an integral part of their human family’s life.

Whether it’s a lazy afternoon cuddle or a quiet evening stroll, Hocus Pocus is not just a well-behaved dog – they’re a cherished member of the family, spreading joy and love with every tail wag.

In a world where good behavior is an art, Hocus Pocus stands out as a true masterpiece.

This Red Heeler is more than just a dog; they’re a shining example of the perfect blend of intelligence, manners, and unconditional love. Hocus Pocus -the best-behaved dog ever!


  • Name: Kiko
  • Age: 1 year old
  • Temperament: Great with kids, but needs to be the only dog in the household

Meet Kiko, the endearing canine with a heartwarming smile and a charming underbite that steals the show!

This delightful pup is not just a furry friend; they’re a living testament to the beauty of uniqueness and the joy that a touch of quirkiness can bring to our lives.

With a coat as soft as a cloud and eyes that sparkle with personality, Kiko is a true individual. But it’s that distinctive underbite that sets them apart, giving them an irresistibly adorable and distinctive look.

Their perpetually smiling expression is an open invitation to happiness, turning heads and melting hearts wherever they go.


  • Name: Dawson
  • Age: 5.5 months
  • Temperament: Great with kids and other dogs

Introducing Dawson, the irresistibly charming 5 1/2-month-old puppy currently growing up in the heart of our shelter. This delightful ball of fur is a sweet blend of affection and boundless fun.

Dawson’s expressive puppy eyes and wagging tail make it impossible to resist his charm. He has already mastered the art of stealing hearts with his innocent gaze and gentle demeanor.

Each passing day brings Dawson closer to the moment when he’ll find his forever home – a place filled with love, warmth, and the promise of countless adventures.

If you’re prepared to open your heart to a bundle of joy who embodies sweetness, affection, and an undeniable love for play, Dawson is the perfect addition to your family.

Come meet this lovable pup and discover the lifelong companionship that awaits with him by your side.


  • Name: Magpie
  • Age: 9 months
  • Temperament: Great with kids and other dogs

Meet Magpie, the exuberant 9-month-old giant with a heart as big as her size! A delightful Pyrenees mix, Magpie is a bundle of joy, ready to spread happiness wherever she goes.
Magpie has proven to be a wonderful addition to our family, displaying remarkable compatibility with our other dog. Her gentle demeanor and friendly nature make her a joy to be around, especially when interacting with kids. Magpie is not just a pet; she’s a loving companion who embraces the playful energy of children with grace and enthusiasm.

In every way, Magpie proves to be an all-around good baby, radiating positivity and warmth. Whether she’s frolicking with other dogs, charming the little ones, or showcasing her adorable quirks, Magpie is a lovable canine companion ready to bring immense joy to any home. If you’re looking for a giant-hearted, joy-filled addition to your family, Magpie is the perfect furry friend to welcome into your home.


  • Name: Gordo
  • Age: 2 years old
  • Temperament: Great with kids, cats and other dogs

Gordo is well-tempered and a quick learner, making him an ideal companion for those looking to add a furry friend to their family.

His intelligence shines through, as he effortlessly picks up commands, showcasing not only his adaptability but also his desire to please.

This young lad is a true ladies’ man, melting hearts with his affectionate demeanor. Gordo thrives on love and attention, making him the perfect addition to a household where cuddles and companionship are cherished.

If you’re seeking a loyal, quick-witted, and loving companion, look no further than Gordo. Adopting this delightful canine promises not only a delightful addition to your family but also a lifelong bond filled with joy, laughter, and endless tail wags.


  • Name: Rexia
  • Age: 10 months old
  • Temperament: Great with other dogs

At just 10 months old, Rexia is a unique blend of Husky energy and compact size, making her the perfect package for those who adore the Husky spirit in a smaller frame.

Rexia’s distinctive appearance with her striking coat and bright eyes immediately captures attention. Beyond her physical allure, Rexia possesses a personality that’s just as captivating. This little adventurer has the heart of a Husky, known for their intelligence, playfulness, and loyalty.

If you’re looking for a compact bundle of joy with a Husky’s heart, Rexia is the perfect match. She’s ready to bring warmth, adventure, and a whole lot of love to the lucky family or individual ready to open their hearts to this small-sized, big-hearted wonder


The 12 Strays of Christmas is brought to you by:

Acadiana Animal Aid (AAA) is the region’s leader in animal transport, adoption, and education. We provide a safe place to land for animals at risk of euthanasia before they take off to their adoptive homes. For 48 years, AAA has played a vital role in saving animals from impoverished, resource-deprived communities. We transfer in pets at risk of euthanasia from municipal shelters throughout the state, provide veterinary and daily care, and create pathways to their futures. AAA is known locally and nationally for its transport program, a lifesaving strategy to reduce the 40% euthanasia rate of shelter pets in Louisiana. Our commitment to saving our region’s pets runs deep – in 2021, we saved nearly 2,400 cats and dogs through local and out-of-state adoptions and transport.

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We understand that your dog is a member of the family. You want to provide your dog with safe socialization so that they meet and play with like-minded friends, exercise to keep them healthy and extend their lives and education to help ensure they are well-behaved both at home and when you take them out in public. Dogtopia’s daycare is designed with these needs in mind. Your dog’s safety is our top priority; that’s why our team’s training is certified by two nationally recognized associations in canine behavior. Our play rooms are supervised by these certified Canine Coaches, and your dog will be in a playroom where he or she is surrounded by dogs of similar size, temperament and play style as well as those who are fully vaccinated and have passed our Dogtopia evaluation. Your dog will be in very capable hands during their time with us!

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