Lafayette, LA, August 25 – Moncus Park is pleased to announce the opening of the new Savoy Family Treehouse. This spectacular feature was designed by world-renowned designer, Pete Nelson, of Nelson Treehouse and Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters, and built by local construction company, Braniff Construction. The treehouse is nestled within a majestic Live Oak in the heart of the new Louisiana swamped-themed play area. The treehouse incorporates recycled composite decking and red siding from the reclaimed cypress of the old ULL red Horse Farm Barn.

Within the play area, a 225 ft long ADA accessible ramp leads visitors up into the “back overlook” deck of the treehouse, where they can take in a southernly view of Moncus Park’s beautiful greenspace. The one-of-a-kind treehouse features a boardwalk made of personalized boards sponsored by community members, a spacious deck overlooking the play area, and a landing to visually explore a live oak from above. Within the main deck lies a canopied second story lookout for children and adults alike to explore. The main deck also features a robust cargo net tree hammock, creating an immersive play experience for guests to climb, lounge, and discover.

“We are thrilled to deliver this incredible, unique new feature at the Park for the community,” said JP
MacFadyen, executive director of Moncus Park. “We know that many treasured new memories will be created here by local families and tourists visiting Acadiana.”
The Savoy Family Treehouse was made possible through the generous contributions of the Savoy Family and the support of hundreds of community members who purchased personalized inscribed boards.


About Moncus Park
Moncus Park is a supporter-funded nonprofit dedicated to developing and maintaining these 100-acres of greenspace, showcasing the cultures and talents of Acadiana, uniting communities through celebrations, and creating traditions together. Moncus Park does not receive local tax dollars for maintenance or operations, nor is it included in Lafayette Consolidated Government’s annual budget. This nonprofit park conservancy model is the first in Acadiana and a growing trend across the country. Learn more by visiting


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