Songs of Hope: A Benefit for Dillan Pope Scheduled for August 28th

The all day event will feature seven bands, online auction, raffle, food truck, t-shirts and more.

Dillan Pope, a 27 year old native of Lafayette, LA, suffered an accident that burst his cervical 7 vertebrae on April 29, 2022. He endured a lengthy surgery on April 30th. The fractured bone was removed, and hardware was put in place to stabilize the area while it heals. The injury left him paralyzed from his chest down throughout his lower extremities.

Dillan attended TIRR Memorial Herman Inpatient Rehabilitation in Houston the month following his surgery, and is now attending rigorous outpatient therapy at Spero Rehab in Austin, TX. He has gained some movement in his lower extremities, however, it is impossible to know how much of his mobility will be restored.

Most Spinal Cord Injury patients continue rehabilitation for years, in addition to purchasing supplies and equipment to assist in daily living. Dillan has, and continues, to work very hard towards becoming independent, and we have high hopes for his full mobility and functionality to return, but only time and extensive rehab will tell.

Not only will proceeds go toward the long road of recovery ahead of Dillan, but he is a “give back” and “pay it forward” kind of guy. It’s his hope to use part of the proceeds to create an organization that can provide future assistance to people who may similarly suffer injury or illness to the spine and brain.

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