EXCLUSIVE FIRST LISTEN: Tiffany Woys New Single “I Don’t” Featuring Jordan Fletcher

As her song “Do Ya” is climbing the country charts, Tiffany Woys dropped some hints on her socials that new music was coming…

Now it’s here!

The Country Daily has an EXCLUSIVE FIRST LISTEN of Tiffany’s brand new song, “I Don’t” – featuring Jordan Fletcher.

Talking about the track, Tiffany says, “’I Don’t’ is just one of those easy-to-listen-to and fun songs. The moment I heard it, I thought it would be a cool direction to take my music. Releasing it going into the spring just felt right.”

With putting this out, Tiffany says fans can expect a little something different from this new song, “I tend to focus on dramatic choruses and vocals, so it’s been good for me to record something that feels good and that brings an element of fun to listeners. No matter what I cut in the studio, I have to feel a personal connection to it and truly believe that others will, too. Even though this song is upbeat, it’s about someone trying to get over someone. I’ve personally come to realize the best way to do that is have fun with your life, so this song is perfect!”

Tiffany boasts about her singing partner on “I Don’t”, “Jordan Fletcher absolutely makes this song the complete package!”

Jordan, who is also one of the co-writers on the song along with Chris DuBois, and Forrest Finn, shares how they changed the lyrics to fit Tiffany, We originally wrote it from a guy’s perspective, but when I heard Tiffany was looking for a song, I thought it would work perfect for her. Then, she asked to make it a duet with me, and it brought out a whole new side of the song we weren’t expecting. I’m super stoked to get to be part of it. Crazy how that works sometimes.

Tiffany adds, “I originally heard his demo, because Jordan co-wrote the song, so it only made sense to record it with him! He’s so talented and has one of those voices you won’t forget. Working with him on something he created was really special, and to bring my element to it just really created something awesome that’s ours now! I’m so happy to share this with him and really appreciate that he trusted me to record something of his. We are so excited for you to hear ‘I Don’t!’”

Check out this EXCLUSE FIRST LISTEN on The Country Daily — Tiffany Woys with “I Don’t” featuring Jordan Fletcher.

Headline Photo Credit: Robert Chavers

Additional Photo Courtesy of Tiffany Woys


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