More Trucks Added To Speed Up Lafayette Parish Debris Collection

Additional trucks arrived in Lafayette Parish today to assist in collecting remaining storm debris from Hurricane Laura. Two large trucks and five smaller trucks have been added to the fleet of seven that has been collecting vegetative debris since a week after Laura’s landfall.

The majority of the pickup has been completed within the city of Lafayette, but small piles were left behind in all pickup zones, where low-hanging power lines presented safety hazards, or narrow streets with little room for trucks to turn around prevented access. The smaller trucks being activated will be able to access those areas.

When talking with the contractor, DRC Emergency Services, Lafayette Consolidated Government (LCG) Public Works Director Chad Nepveaux said additional trucks are necessary to speed up the pickup process. At the start of pickup in early September, LCG requested 10 trucks, but needs and demands in Lake Charles and surrounding communities made it difficult to get appropriately-equipped trucks in Lafayette.

The city of Lafayette will be substantially completed by late next week, then trucks will move to unincorporated areas, where debris collection will move quickly. It’s anticipated that DRC will complete the first pass in the city and unincorporated areas of the parish by the end of October, then a second pass will begin.

Residents can reference zones, truck locations and areas where crews have removed debris. To access the zone map, click on this link: Residents with questions concerning storm debris pickup should call LCG Dispatch at 291-8517.


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