Go Behind the Scenes of Blake Shelton’s 2016 Winter Tour

Just as Blake Shelton is gearing up to kick off his Blake Shelton Presented by Gildan Tour—with opener RaeLynn—the superstar is sharing a behind-the-scenes look at the making of his previous Winter Tour.

In three short episodes—so far—Blake gives an up-close-and-personal look at the planning process for his 2016 Winter Tour. The tour began in Cincinnati, taking the “Sangria” singer through the Midwest and Northeast for 11 dates between February and March 2016.

“A lot has changed since this time last year,” Blake said in episode one. “I’ve filmed two and a half seasons of The Voice since then, gotten a divorce, got a girlfriend, I toured, now I’m putting together another tour—done two movies, it’s been insane. I think my show is probably going to reflect those differences in the things that have happened in my life since then.”

The Blake Shelton Presented by Gildan Tour opens Sept. 9 in Oklahoma City, Okla.

Go behind the scenes of the first three episodes.



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